Cross-Channel Risk Certificate Program


The CCRCP is designed for any payments professional that has a desire to become an expert in Check, Wire,
ACH, and Card payment systems risks, fraud potentials, and governing rules and regulations.

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  • Discern the Risks of 4 Major Payment Systems; Check, Card, ACH, and Wire
  • Understand Compliance Obligations
  • Identify Risk Management Techniques
  • Mitigate the Threat of Risk and Fraud Losses

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Cross-Channel Risk Overview

This prerequisite provides payments professionals with fundamental knowledge of the 11 key risk categories related to Cross-Channel Risk and associated regulatory compliance obligations.


Third-Party Senders and Credit Risk Related to ACH

Thoroughly reviews Third-Party Sender relationship risk and credit risk in the ACH Network. 


Operational and Fraud Risk Related to ACH

Explores operational and fraud risks in the ACH Network and identifies techniques payments professionals can use to mitigate these risks.             


Risk Management for Debit Cards

Outlines sound business practices an organization should consider to reduce losses and identifies tools that are available to assist in combating card fraud.


Card Disputes, Regulation E and Chargebacks

Provides payments professionals with an overview of the chargeback process for disputed card transactions and Regulation E investigation requirements.


Risks Related to Check Payments

Examines the risks associated with the clearing and settlement of checks and check images and reviews check fraud. Key components of proper contracts and agreements to aid in mitigated risk are also addressed.


Operational Risk Related to Check Processing

Defines operational risks of checks and image items including clearing, returns and adjustments, as well as the unique risks associated with Remotely Created checks.


Wire Transfer Compliance

Examines the wire transfer system, including its unique requirements, governing regulations and an in-depth analysis of the Uniform Commercial Code 4A.


Wire Transfer Risk & Risk Mitigation

Illustrates how credit, fraud, operations, reputation, systemic and sovereign risks relate to wire transfer. Unique risks associated with wire transfer are also discussed.


Cross-Channel Risk Review & Exam

Provides an overview of important risk concepts, reviews previous course material to confirm an understanding of cross-channel risk and administers a final exam. The Cross-Channel Risk Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of all ten courses and the final exam.

Webinars are held from 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm CST
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10-Part Webinar Series

Become an Expert on all 4 Payment Types
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Choose a Payment Channel
2 Webinar Sessions on Check , Card, ACH, or Wire
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*One certificate per registration

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