National Check Payments Certification Program

Through the certification process, National Check Professionals (NCPs) will demonstrate a working knowledge of every significant aspect of the new check payment system, including products and operations, relevant rules and laws that govern checks, industry standards, and fraud and risk mitigation considerations.

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ePayResources will provide the webinars and study materials. To take the exam you must register for and purchase the exam through ECCHO. For more information about ECCHO and the cost of the NCP exam, visit their website.  

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Why Should I Become Certified?

A National Check Professional (NCP) designation recognizes professionals who have successfully proven an expert level of understanding of the current check payments landscape. This sets you apart by:

  1. Recognizing your knowledge and comprehension of check payments
  2. Recognizing you as a leader in your field
  3. Strengthening your professional credibility
  4. Demonstrating your commitment to customer service
  5. Demonstrating your commitment to stay on the leading edge of industry trends and topics of interest
  6. Positioning you for professional advancement

Why Should I Have My Employees Certified?

The National Check Payments Certification program enhances the credibility of your team and gives you a competitive advantage in a constantly changing and challenging environment with:
  1. Improved customer service
  2. Improved audit performance
  3. Enhanced understanding of industry products, trends, and practices
  4. Increased understanding of how and why check payments continue to provide value for your customers
  5. Increased industry leaders
  6. An industry-recognized opportunity for employee professionals


Now is the best time to begin studying for the NCP accreditation.

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2017 Webinar Schedule & Descriptions



Check Fundamentals and Check Processing

Do you know the check? Get started with the key definitions, parts of a check, parties to the check, parts of the MICR line and the routing number as discussed in this session. Also included is a payments system overview including a brief discussion of presentment, settlement, and float.


Regulations - Uniform Commercial Code

A review of the check payment system regulatory foundation begins with the Uniform Commercial Code. This session will cover UCC Articles 3 and 4 and will provide some scenarios illustrating key provisions.


Regulations - Regulation CC

This session continues the review of the check payment system regulatory foundation with a discussion of Regulation CC. Part of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Reg CC provisions will be discussed in some detail. Scenarios will be used to illustrate key warranties and the manner in which breach of warranty situations may be handled.


Standards and Formats

Are all those different X9 standards confusing? This session should help sort them out. From X9.100-140, the substitute check standard, through X9.100-188, the new return reason standard, this session will walk you through the basics. The Universal Companion Document, or UCD, to the X9.100-187 standard will also be discussed.

NOTE: This is the first of two sessions held this same week.

Image Exchange: Rules and Agreements - Part I

Image Exchange in the Private Sector Why are rules and agreements needed for image exchange? This session will answer the question and review the rules for the predominant image exchange models: ECCHO Operating Rules and the Federal Reserve Operating Circular 3 (OC 3). Part I will focus on the private sector image exchange channel and will look at private agreements with the majority of the session focused on the ECCHO rule set and commentary.

NOTE: This is the second of two sessions held this same week.

Image Exchange: Rules and Agreements - Part II

Image Exchange via the Federal Reserve This session will again ask the question of why rules are needed for image exchange as the session completes the two-part review the rules for the predominant image exchange models. Part II focuses on the key provisions of image exchange through the Federal Reserve with a review of Operating Circular 3 (OC 3) and how / where Regulation J is included. A brief comparison of the key similarities and differences between the predominant industry rule sets – ECCHO Operating Rules and Federal Reserve’s OC 3 – will be included at the end of this session.


Review Session 1

The first of two review session, asks attendees to participate. Ask questions about check concepts for which clarification is needed. Share scenarios. Remember that a significant portion of the NCP exam requires the test taker to go beyond memorized rules and concepts and be able to apply the knowledge. Try to stump the instructors! All areas of the session aired to date are free for discussion.


Image Exchange: Processes

The image cash letter (ICL) will be discussed in this session with a focus on how the ICL is built based on the image exchange standards. Scenarios will be used to show various processing examples to follow each step in how an image cash letter file is built and how the records are populated to move the image file through a forward or return process and in which operational situations you would need one record type versus another. Detailed examples and handouts will be provided. An overview of the “day in the life of a check” in an image environment will be included which will also cover common Day 1 and Day 2 processes. Paper exchange processes are minimally covered.


Exceptions - Returns and Adjustments

What happens when an item cannot be immediately processed and needs special handling? This session will focus on those exception situations with a focus on decisioning and deciding item disposition. Should the exception be handled as a return or an adjustment and how does timing factor into this decision? If the item is sent as a return, what return codes should be included so the item can be properly identified by the depositary bank upon receipt? Common error and adjustment types as handled through both the Fed and private sector are also covered in this session.


Check Products

Types of checks and check products including the image cash letter (ICL), remotely created checks (RCCs), ARP products including positive pay, controlled disbursement, and lockbox are all covered in this session. A review of Remote Deposit Capture is included, as well. A brief overview of the ACH check conversion SEC codes will be included.

NOTE: This is the first of two sessions held this same week.

Fraud, Risk and Risk Mitigation - Part I

Types of Fraud and RDC Risk This session provides an overview of payments fraud with a discussion of types of fraud and ideas for identifying and potentially preventing those types of fraud. The session includes a discussion of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidance for financial institution examiners including specific guidance on risk management. This session will wrap up with the latest FFIEC guidance for RDC risk management.

NOTE: This is the second of two sessions held this same week.

Fraud, Risk and Mitigation - Part II

FFIEC Retail Payments System Risk Guidance This session focuses on the FFIEC guidance for identifying and assessing risks to retail payment systems and will cover the six main types of risk and general strategies for managing each. The session will also review the guidance’s four main areas of focus for Business Continuity Planning the method a financial institution establishes to recover and resume business processes when operations are unexpectedly disrupted.


2017 Exam Review

The review and final opportunity for those studying for the NCP exam to ask questions in a live environment. This review is open to all topics covered, not just concepts since the mid-point review--all check topics. The review will consist of many multiple-choice questions crafted by NCP Training Partners to provide an idea of how questions are worded on the NCP exam. Participants are encouraged to bring their own questions to each review session!


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