Benefits of Same Day ACH
Same Day ACH can help increase workflow efficiences by using the payment templates currently available to the originator within their ACH origination systems. Wire transfers, however, may require data re-entry and updates to semi-repetitive processes; both of which may lead to keying errors. As a result, the automated ACH process can lead to a more accurate and efficient method of funds transfer time after time.

Same Day ACH speeds up payments for customers and provides for improved cash flow management. Faster movement of funds from account to account can lead to more timely and efficient cash forecasting resulting in stronger liquidity. Same Day ACH also enables faster settlement of payments between business partners for goods and services. This may, in turn, lead to faster shipments and delivery of products and services.

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Same Day ACH for ODFI Operations     05/23/2017
Same Day ACH for RDFI Operations     05/24/2017
Implementing Same Day ACH                06/27/2017

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Same Day ACH Boot Camp


Same-Day ACH Opportunities

DateTitleCityStateEvent Code
5/2/2017SDA Boot Camp Monroe - The Debits Are Coming!MonroeLAACH01705ACH01705
5/4/2017SDA Boot Camp Albuquerque - The Debits Are Coming!AlbuquerqueNMACH03705ACH03705
5/9/2017SDA Boot Camp Houston - The Debits Are Coming!HoustonTXACH05705ACH05705
5/9/2017How Same Day ACH Impacts ARC, BOC, POP, TEL & WEB Debits  NCH01705NCH01705
5/10/2017SDA Boot Camp Dallas - The Debits Are Coming!DallasTXACH06705ACH06705
5/12/2017SDA Boot Camp San Antonio - The Debits Are Coming!San AntonioTXACH07705ACH07705
5/16/2017SDA Boot Camp Richmond - The Debits Are Coming!RichmondVAACH09705ACH09705
5/17/2017SDA Boot Camp Raleigh - The Debits Are Coming!RaleighNCACH10705ACH10705
5/18/2017SDA Boot Camp Charlotte - The Debits Are Coming!CharlotteNCACH11705ACH11705
5/23/2017SDA Boot Camp Miami - The Debits Are Coming!MiamiFLACH12705ACH12705
5/23/2017Same Day ACH for ODFI Operations  ACH13705ACH13705
5/24/2017SDA Boot Camp Orlando - The Debits Are Coming!OrlandoFLACH17705ACH17705
5/24/2017Same Day ACH for RDFI Operations  ACH16705ACH16705
5/25/2017SDA Boot Camp Tampa - The Debits Are Coming!TampaFLACH18705ACH18705
6/27/2017Implementing Same Day ACH Debits  ACH06706ACH06706
6/28/2017Same Day ACH: What Your Board & Senior Mgmt. Need To Know!  ACH08706ACH08706
6/28/2017Risk in the Same Day ACH Environment  ACH07706ACH07706