Risk Services

Over the past years, financial crimes have continued to attack financial institutions of all sizes. In response to this, SWACHA's Risk Management programs have rapidly grown to accommodate our members' concerns.

We understand that you're dedicated to stopping fraudulent activity and minimizing crime-related risk, and so are we. Our staff works diligently to provide customized programs and training designed to prevent, resolve, and minimize crime-related losses. We also have extensive support from law enforcement at local, regional, state, and federal levels, to ensure timely communication among program participants and law enforcement agencies.

Our programs help prevent financial crimes!


Audits & Assessments

A SWACHA Services Corporation provides high-quality business solutions for the electronic payments industry.  
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FBI Financial Institution Crime Days

Conferences featuring law enforcement, financial institutions, and corporate perspectives. Gain insights into security issues, criminal activity, and the latest in fighting fraud. 
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 Fraud Reduction Meetings

A networking resource for professionals to discuss matters affecting bank security or potential losses due to fraudulent activity. Meetings are held regularly, in various cities throughout the year.
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 Robbery Reward™

The award-winning program utilizes a reward system, industry forums and targeted distribution media to assist in the identification and apprehension of financial criminals.
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